The Dream of a Lotto Bettor

      If you see a long line of people. What comes first to your mind? Maybe you would think that is a line for lotto. It seems that is like a movie which is a block buster hit because of its many costumers. Why not? Many of our countrymen are living in a very poor condition. Their solution to escape from poverty to bet in Lotto. Even the one who have a car is also buying Lotto tickets because they want to get the prize.

            Once, I met a Lotto bettor who said that he is patronizing Lotto because he hopes that he could win. If it would come true that is a big help for his family. He also said that he will not stop from patronizing Lotto although he is not winning. But he explained that he was only using his excess money. He make sure that his budget will  not be short. While other people like to bet in Lotto because they just want to become an instant millionaire. They are dreaming to buy a house and lot, a car or they could use in as a capital for business. They believed that they have a luck in terms of number because they are always winning if there is a raffle in their school or company. The problem is until now they are not winning in Lotto. But they are not losing their hope; for them the true loser is not pursuing their dreams.

            Every Lotto followers has their own reasons why they are betting. But there are also some individuals that their primary goal is not about material things. They are doing this because they want to use the prize to treat their love one who have a sick in hospital. You will admire to the story of some people, they are betting Lotto because they want to help the needy. They knew that a big percent of Lotto earnings goes to charity. But this kind of motive of an individual is very rare. We knew that our countrymen are patronizing Lotto because they want to  experience an abundant life. But in the end, what ever is the reason; we should not put our life in luck. We should also striving hard to reach our dreams.