The Belief About Alien

     Do you believe in alien or extraterrestrial? That the earth is not only the living planet in entire universe? This is the belief of some scientist who called themselves as astronaut theorist. They believed that the aliens already visited earth in ancient era and they guided us to develop our civilization.

            Based on their studies, there were many phenomenon that it is really hard to understand where it came or how it formed. They don’t believed that only human could to that like the pyramid in Egypt. The details of the pyramid is very complicated and it is very mysterious. For them, it is not true that this was a tomb of the ancient kings. But this was a satellite of the aliens to bring information to them.

            The astronaut theorist doesn't believe that there is an Almighty God. For them, that is only an alien. Therefore, Jesus Christ was also an alien. They said that there were many religious painting during the renaissance period that had an flying object which was looked like an UFO. They are also connecting the bible with their theory. They said that the manna or food of the people of Israel was not made in heaven, but it was made by a machine of the alien who guided them while they were escaping from their enemies. They have also a different version of the story of Lot, the character in the bible who became a salt after he turned his look at the burning city. For the astronaut theorist, Lot became a victim of chemical radiation. Radiation was also the responsible of death plaque in Europa and it was not because of rats or dirty water.   

            Well, it is still for us if we believe in alien or not. That was only an theory, they are showing many evidences with their claims. But it is really hard to accept it like what the theory of Charles Darwin said that apes is our ancestors. If alien is true why they are not appearing until now? What are they waiting for?