Sen. Peter Alan Cayetano Receives Death Threat

           Senator Alan Peter Cayetano said that he was received a death threat. There was someone who called in their office and threated him, if he will not stop from his expose, he will be shot. According to the caller, “isang bala lang ang katapat mo.” The senator took it seriously and he already reported it to the authorities. Of course, from now on he will be a vigilant to take care himself. He knew that they hit a big fish, maybe this is the reason why he received a threat in his life.

            The Binay camp denied the allegation, they don’t have an order to shot Sen. Alan Peter Cayetano although he is attacking the credibility of the vice president. It’s not in the attitude of Binay to liquidate people if he has a conflict with them. They concluded that was just a story made by the allies of the administration. They emphasized that their investigation don’t have an impact. Their evidences are not enough to persecute Binay by their allegation of corruptions. Their action is only a politically motivated and not because they have a concern to eradicate the corruption in the government.

            The Binay camp also praised the statement of P-Noy that the Senate should make faster with their investigation. The senators have many works to do, their work is not just to investigate but also to make a law that would help to improve the lives of the Filipino people. Regarding to the withdrawal of Binay on a debate with Sen. Trillanes, they defended the vice president. They believed that it was only right. It doesn’t mean that Binay became a coward, but he should not face the people who is very arrogant and don’t know how to respect his neighbor.