Ruffa Mae Quinto Has No Underwear Photo?

Cropped Photo 
      Comedienne actress Ruffa Mae Quinto is a center of topic now in social media because of her unusual photo. In her photo that was posted in Sam Pinto’s fan page with more than 4 million likes, it seems that Ruffa Mae has no underwear. It has a caption “Bubble Gang taping with my girlaloos!!!” Ruffa Mae is with her co-actresses Gwen Zamora and Sam Pinto.

Other netizen believed that the comedienne has no underwear in that photo because she is known for being a liberated woman. They also concluded that maybe she only wants to imitate other celebrities who are not wearing underwear like Britney Spears. But of course, many netizens defended Ruffa Mae, they said that it was a black shadow and not her private part. What they saw is just an illusion, they are just being deceived by their perception because they are just green-minded. 

After the picture of Ruffa Mae received a lot of negative comments, the admin removed the picture. After a while, the picture has been posted again, but it was already cropped. The problem is, some netizens already saved the original picture and they already shared it on social media.