Pacquiao Defeats Algieri by Unanimous Decision

                Once again, the Filipino people are rejoicing because Manny Pacquiao brings another national pride for the Philippines. He won by unanimous decision over Chris Algieri during their Hungry for Glory fight at Cotai Arena in Macau on November 23.  They really admired Manny because his vigor was still there. He has proven that despite of his age which is 3, he can still give a good fight. His opponent was younger and taller than him but he defeated it. Maybe his experience has a great advantage that’s why he won in this battle.

                Before the fight of Manny, his coach Freddie Roach asked Manny that he should knock-out Chris in first round. Manny didn’t promise that he can do it, but he said that he was also eager to win by knock-out and not just by unanimous decision.  The good thing with Manny’s fight, even he never knock-out Chris, he knock downed him several times. It means that Manny denominated all the rounds. The problem is, Chris never give up although he experienced hardship in the hands of Manny. As a boxer with no losing record, it was very important for him to fight until he can still rise up or stand on the ring. Because of this, some people were saluting him for being a tough boxer. While some girls felt regret for him because his face has been swollen through the punch of Manny.
                On the other hand, the fight of Manny was also became a different because instead to hire a professional singer, Manny chose nine pastors to song our national anthem. As what we have already knew, Manny now is a born-again Christian. Before his fight, his look-a-like Thailander boxer fought in an under card, but it was only lose. It proved that Manny has many look-alikes, not only in the Philippines, but also in other countries.

                Aling Dionisia, the mother of Manny became a center attraction before the fight of his son. Asides from being escorted of his boyfriend Michael Yamson, she had also rosary in her hands while praying for the victory of Manny. After that, she greeted the people in stadium. Some of the fans of Manny have taken a picture with her.