Netizens Ridiculed Esquire Magazine for their Mar Roxas Cover

               Esquire Magazine is in the midst of scandal at this moment, not because one of their staffs released a new photo of their model like what happened to Ellen Adarna. The management of the magazine is in the hot seat because they featured DILG Sec. Mar Roxas as their cover regarding to the story of Tacloban which was devastated by typhoon Yolanda in November 2013. 

                The netizens became angry to the management of Esquire; they believe that Mar Roxas is not the appropriate person to be linked with Yolanda victims. For them, people from Tacloban didn’t feel their concern. It seems that the government already forgot about their tough condition. Until now, they are suffering from evacuation center and bank houses. After one year, when typhoon Yolanda hit their town, there is no development about their lives. They are only to hoping by the help of NGO, while the government doing nothing except making promises.

                Recently, the Yolanda reached its first year anniversary, but President Aquino and Mar Roxas didn’t visit Tacloban, instead they went to Leyte. If we remember, Mar Roxas and the mayor of Tacloban had disagreement regarding how to handle the calamity. The government said that visited in Leyte because it was the town strike first by Yolanda and it has no relation to their disagreement to the mayor of Tacloban.

                If the netizens praised the Eraser Heads cover of Esquire Magazine where the group posing likes Beatles in the Abbey Road in London, now, they are disgusting to the cover of their latest issue. They said that maybe the magazine has positive stories about Tacloban, but sorry to say that they are not in favor to Mar Roxas to become a face of their town because he don’t made an effort to help them. Even Toclabanon gave their reaction, according to them, they felt insulted by Esquire. Both the netizens and Taclobanon gave their big BOO to Esquire Magazine!