Marikina City: A Good Haven Amidst Metro Manila


          Marikina City is one of the cleanest towns in our country. It is known as the shoe capital of the Philippines. Because you can find here the factory of some of the biggest shoe manufacturers like Rusty Lopez, Otto Shoes, Gibi and many more. They also claimed that their town people are well disciplined and law abiding citizen. In Marikina, they have a city ordinance that prohibiting pits off in public places. They are also strict to their traffic rules and from jaywalking. So, if you’re there, you need to be aware about their regulations if you don’t want to pay a penalty and to do community service.

          Marikina is also popular to their sports complex. Many sport activities doing here like the sport fest of high school and college students. But it’s not only for sports; even religious sects are welcome to organize prayer rallies and charities like Iglesia ni Cristo’s Kabayan Ko, Kapatid Ko. 
Tambay Kay Lim Park
         When you’re in Marikina,you could relax and standby at Tambay kay Lim. It is near at Marikina Polytechnic College. Then, if you want, go also to the nearest park near at the Marikina Sports Complex. You could browse on the internet because they have a free wi-fi. Of course, if you want, you may visit also Marikina River Park and see its beautiful landscape. But don’t go if there’s a storm because it might overflow. That park was first developed by former Mayor Bayani Fernando during early 90’s. Just feel the fresh air while you’re contemplating in the midst of silence. You may also look for janitor fish for you to see an ugly fish. When you’re hungry, there are some restaurants there. So, you could make your order. But I think, they are only open at night. If you’re going at day make sure to bring your own food.  

Marikina River Park
River Rock Resto

          Speaking of the restaurant, if you want a historical place that serves food, you may visit also Kapitan Moi. It is located at the front of the San Roque Church. If I’m not mistaken, kapitan Moi is the father of the shoe industry in Marikina. By the way, San Roque Church is a unique cathedral because there is a statue of Angel Gabriel defying Lucifer. A symbol of good versus evil; evilness will never be triumph over goodness. 

Kapitan Moi

Good Versus Evil Statue

                 There city hall is also an attraction to the public because they are displaying giant shoe and sandal car. This is only showing that they are very proud of their shoe industry although it was already weakened due of globalization. What else? Marikina is also a family oriented city because they have a festival Kaangkan Festival. So, if you have a time just visit Marikina City and you will be enjoyed.

Giant Shoe Car

Giant Sandal Car