Maegan Aguilar Beaten Up by Boyfriend

              Maegan Aguilar became a topic on social media after her rapper friend Maria Silorio released a photo of her wearing a neck brace and sitting on a stretcher. Maria claimed that Maegan was beaten up by her live in partner named Ali Sanchez. The photo has a caption which says, “My bestfriend Maegan Comet Aguilar received this nasty beating as a ‘parting gift’ from her live-in partner when she firmly tried to end their relationship today.”  

            According to Maria, the assault happened on Saturday at 2:45 am. Hence, the right arm of Maegan had been dislocated because of the incident. The friend added that was not the first time that her boyfriend did that to her. He already hurt Maegan before, but she doesn’t want to be broadcasted that she is a battered wife. That’s why she chose to be silent regarding her true situation on her boyfriend.  The friend also claimed that the boyfriend is alcoholic and this is become wild every time he is drunk.

                Maegan already confirmed the report; she admitted that she was beaten up by her boyfriend after she made a decision to end their relationship.

                As of now, Ka Freddie doesn’t have any statement to what Maegan experienced to her boyfriend. Earlier this year, their relationship had been shattered because of misunderstanding due to Ka Freddie young wife. Maegan accused the wife of her father for being a luxurious and abusive. Because the wife, her relationship with her father was totally changed, she even accused him as a bad father.