Karla Estrada: Passion for Music

          Karla Estrada, former actress and mother of Daniel Padilla had been rejected by the judges of the popular reality contest The Voice Philippines at the show’s blind audition.Even she failed to get the vote of the judges, she is very happy at last her dream came true to sing in a big competition like The Voice. It is enough for her to experience joining that show. Karla sang What’s Up, a hit song from 90’s popularized by 4 Non Blondes.

            According to Karla, since she was a kid she has a passion for music. As a matter of fact, she was first joined in singing contest when she was 9 years old. So, singing is not a new thing for her. These days are the hype of singing contest that’s why she joined in singing contest to fulfill her dream. Karla also added that her children don’t know about her decision to join in national singing contest. But when they learned that she became a contestant of the show they became happy for her. Her children knew that she has a dream to become a singer.

            Lea Salonga, one of the judges of the show commented that there was no problem with Karla’s diction, she felt that there was something lack on her singing, but she never told what it is. Despite of this, Lea and the other judges admired her passion for music and humility in joining The Voice. Karla already accepted even if she may lose in the contest. It is just okay for her if the judges didn’t accept her. She assumed that even if she made it, she knew that the KatNiel fans would vote for her and that is unfair to other contestants.

            On the other hand, some netizens are not happy with Karla’s decision to join in the singing contest. They criticized her by saying that singing is not her line, so, she should stop from her ambition to become a singer. They even said that now they knew where her son Daniel Padilla got his passion for music. The problem is they love to sing, but the song doesn’t like them.