Joseph Ingco the Owner of Luxury Car Who Assaulted MMDA Traffic Enforcer

Photo from QCPD-LTO
          It seems that some of the motorist are not respecting Metropolitan Manila Development Authority (MMDA) traffic enforcers. Recently, a driver of a sport car driver allegdely mauled an enforcer named Jorby Adriatico. The suspect was identified as Joseph Ingco, 39 years old of New Manila after the QCPD police shown a picture to the victim.

            The incident happened in the intersection of G. Araneta and Quezon Avenues. The suspect got angry when he was confronted of the enforcer due to his traffic violation. Because of his angry, the luxury car owner slugged the face of the poor enforcer.

            Joseph was identified through the help of the Land Transportation Office (LTO).  The suspect rode in a blue emozione Masterati Ghilbi and it has a conduction sticker QQ57. The sticker was seen through a close-circuit television near in the are where the incident happened. Aside from that, according to MMDA Chairman Francisco Tolentino, there were only two Ghilbi models sold in the Philippines. So, it is very easy to trace who is the owner of that luxury car. Tolentino said that he want to meet face to face who mauled their enforcer who is only doing his job. Then, he also want to see the family of Adriatico.

            Before this mauling incident, there were already some cases of disrespecting MMDA traffic enforcers like what John Cabrabuena did who slapped the face of an enforcer. His attitude was captured on camera and it went viral.