Cristine Reyes on Pregnancy Issue

Photo from Cristine Reyes Instagram

                 Recently, Cristine Reyes announced to the public that she is already pregnant through ASAP, a variety show under ABS-CBN.  After that she also repeated her statement in an interview of the Buzz in that same day (Nov. 16).

               The actress said that she hid her condition because the doctor advised her not to stress herself. So, she needed to get rest for a while because her first three months had been critical. This was the reason why she never appeared on TV for how many months. Cristine also introduced the father of her baby, it is a mixed martial arts fighter named Ali Khaitibi. Her boyfriend is a Filipino-Iranian and 311-years old. Aside from being a MMA fighter, Ali is also a model. He already featured in Cosmopolitan Philippine “Bachelors” issue in 2013.

                As of now, Cristine and Ali are undergoing marriage counseling. The actress denied that her pregnancy was just an accident. She admitted that they had planned it because she was really preferred to have a baby. At first, they were dismayed when they found out that the result of pregnancy test was negative. But they repeat the test at night and they were surprised when the result was already positive. They already shared the good news with their family and all of them were very happy for them. Her older sister Ara Mina congratulated Cristine, finally she will become a mother.

                On the other hand, some netizens are not happy for Cristine. They emphasized that she is not a good example for the youth, she chose first to get pregnant before he will be married. As an actress, she should be a role model.  But Cristine said that it not necessarily that you’re in a hurry to be married. It is very important that you have knowledge and be prepared first before you enter in married life.