Balaw-Balaw Restaurant: A Taste of Culture for Foods and the Arts

There is a famous restaurant in the province of Rizal and this is Balaw-Balaw. You will find this in Angono known also as Art Capital of the Philippines because there are many expert artists here particularly in painting. But their taste is not only limited in the arts but also in the food. You can taste delicious foods in Balaw-Balaw in affordable price. So, anyone is welcome here to see what they serve!

Balaw-Balaw was founded by the late painter Pedigon Vocalan with his wife named Luzviminda Vocalan in the year 1982. Perdigon was known as one of the heirs of the National Artist Carlos ‘Botong’ Francisco because of his remarkable works. Botong once became a teacher of Perdigon when he was a rookie as a painter. While her wife was a former school teacher, but when they built their restaurant she stopped from teaching to concentrate with their business. Since it was established it became a brand name that many people are really familiar with. 

People from different places, visiting Balaw-Balaw, not only for foods; but also because of the ambiance of the place. You will notice the artistic design of the restaurant. Well, it’s not surprising anymore. You’re in the arts capital of the Philippines. So, what can you expect? All you have to do is to ponder and give your interpretations to the masterpieces you will see. Because of the popularity of Balaw-Balaw it was already featured on different newspapers and magazines. They built their reputation not only in the Philippines but also in abroad. 

Balaw-Balaw was already featured in Bizarre Foods when the international TV personality Andrew Zimmern was visited in Angono. Yeah, it is really bizarre because aside from serving Pinoy foods like sinigang, lechon kawali; they are also serving exotic foods like fried crickets, frog, crocodile meat, etc. Have you’ve been tasted some exotic foods before? Me, I already ate bayawak and snakes. It  is so delicious, it taste like the meat of chicken? How about the crickets? As what I knew, crickets are a favorite food of some people in Ilocos. But you don’t need to go there, just go to Balaw-Balaw and you will taste it. This will be a big challenge for you if you’re a food conscious. But it’s not bad if you will try a new thing that you never been experienced before.

 Balaw-balaw is not only a restaurant, it is also a museum. They are displaying some work of arts on the second floor of the restaurant. You will find here the works of Perdigon and the works of the other Angono artist. Aside from paintings, they have also sculptures. So, when you are here you can satisfy not only your hunger for foods but for the arts also.