Ashley Madison, an Adultery Site Launches in PH

Screen shot from ashleymadison.com

            The netizens have different reaction about this dating website. They are disgusting to the offer of this site. We knew that people here in the Philippines are conservative. Adultery contradicts the teaching from the bible. In ten commandments,  it says that don’t commit adultery. For them, it only encouraging Filipino people to commit immorality. But they said that it is up to them if they want to cheat their partner. They should only be ready to confront the consequences of their actions. While other said that there is no problem with this site, they should only be careful if they commit adultery, don’t let your partner get caught you. Don’t let your relationship to your family would be ruined.

            Ironically, the founder of AshleyMadison site Noel Biderman is honest with his partner. He is happily married and has two children. Even his Europian communications director and spoke person Christoph Kraemer is also an honest to his partner. He has been in a serious relationship for the past eight years. For them, Ashley Madison is just a business and it they don’t want to apply its principle in their lives.

            But adultery is not a new topic anymore in the Philippines. With or without a site like Ashley Madison, there are many people here committing adultery. Here, if you have many girls other people will consider you as a real man. Being a womanizer is boosting their ego or macho image. It seems that the Philippine television is also promoting adultery because they doing teleserye which is the main theme is about adultery such as The Legal Wife, Dalawang Mirs. Real, Two Wives, etc. If they are not promoting it, they just want to dramatize this such of complicated relationship. They only knew that many people could relate from it because their stories are happening in real life.