Aling Dionisia's The Curse Video Went Viral

               Aling Dionisia is now also really a famous, not because she is the mother of Manny Pacquaio tnot just because she already seen in a TV commercial or she sag a ‘Wrecking Ball’ in a television program. Nor because she has a love life despite of her age, she is also known for being a religious. The public always see her that every time his son has a fight; she is holding a rosary and praying dramatically. She hopes that his son would win from the fight.

                A meme video of Aling Dionisia went viral entitled Mommy D. Destroys Planet Earth. It was uploaded to the Facebook fan page of Green Mango. It has a caption tells “You've got to love Mommy D. But whatever you do, DO NOT make her angry!!!” In the video, she is holding a rosary while she is pointing her finger directed tor Manny’s opponent. After that there is a tsunami arrived which is derived from a movie clip.

                The video sparks a debate among the netizens; others became happy and while the others criticized the one who made it. They did not like the statement of the narrator; he said that it likes a curse of the Filipino people. They are also questioning the motive of the one who made it. It doesn’t make sense. The important is his son has made a contribution to the national sport. They also believe at her age, it is possible that she is not aware with her action. So, don’t give a bad interpretation about her attitude during the fight of her son.

                On the other hand, some netizens really appreciate the video meme of Aling Dionisia. They don’t take it seriously because it is for the sake of fun only. They believed that the mother of Manny became OA. It is not right to bring a rosary just to show that she is a religious person. It is not right also to point out the opponents of her son because it seems that she is cursing. They also believed that doing a meme video is a part of freedom expression. Some netizens are doing this to express their opinion in an artistic way. 

Watch the video: