Advocafe: The Coffee Shop That Serves for Indigenous People

Are you one in all those folks that love drinking coffee? I will be able to suggest a special quiet coffee shop which is Advocafe settled at GF Ramon Magsaysay Commercial Complex, Malate. This can't be a standard coffee shop as a result of the owners need to assist the indigenous people through their merchandise specially the tribes from Mindoro and Mindanao. They're assisting them throuh giving livelihood. All the materials they're  using within the coffee shop are coming from the indigenous farmers. The people behind Advocafe believes that sharing blessings to the poverty-stricken is enormously the best factor to do. As a result of it'll give satisfaction to anyone who are doing it.

Aside from giving livelihood assistant, Advocafe additionally supports the schooling of the indigenous children. To do this, they tie-up with Pamulaan Lumad Learning Center and Tugdaan Mangyan Center for Learning Development, Ramon Magsaysay Award Foundation and Assisi Development Foundation. Advocafe believe that after they become knowledgeable they're going to not be discriminated by others. 

The concern of Advocafe isn't solely restricted by serving to indigenous people, they also preserve the environment. As a result of their merchandise area unit created from natural materials and it's organic. Aside from delicious coffee, they are selling also herb tea, jam, jellies, honey, native delicacies and organic pastries. In step with the management of Advocafe, each drink or food they serve could be a product of what number years of experiments and researches to create certain the standard and it'll have a decent result into our health.

By the way, Advocafe are also selling souvenir items. Of course, the merchandise were created by the indigenous people. Just think, once you intense their products; you’re also helping the indigenous people. Beside that you’re additionally trying back to our roots as a Filipino. Remember, they are the reflections of our culture. They're the inheritance of the first citizen of the Philippines.