A Pilgrimage to Antipolo Church

city of pligrimage

         Antipolo also known as the City of Pilgrimage is very popular because of Hinulugang Taktak and of course because of the Antipolo Church or Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception of Antipolo  . This is the trademark of the city. This is one of the biggest Catholic Church in the Philippines. At the church compound, there’s a statue of Jesus Christ and Virgin Mary. There is also a chapel and you may enter here if you want to kneel and pray. Many devotees are going here to attend mass. They are from different part of our country. It seems that this church is very special for Catholic people. Every day the church is open to the public. It was first established in 1591 by the Jesuits. That’s why it has a rich history due to its old age.
Antipolo Church

Antipolo Church

           If you are here, you will notice that even in the advent of digital age, there are few photographers here are still offering their service. Although they knew that every one of the visitors has a cellphone with camera. They will ask you if you want to have a picture as a souvenir. At the outside of the compound of the church, there are many candle vendors. And of course, kasoy and suman are also available. The said foods are the well known products of Antipolo City. But please, don’t be annoyed to the vendors because some of them are insisting you to buy their products!

        If the Quiapo Church have a Black Nazareth, Antipolo also has fiesta of the Immaculate during December. And when Lenten season is coming, during Holy Thursday devotees are doing alay-lakad or religious walk to lessen their sins. Even not-Catholics are participating here just to experience this annual event. The end point of their walk is to Antipolo Church. But the funny side of this, some youth are participates just to court their love interest. In Tagalog, we called it alay-ligaw. There are also some fraternities walking also and when they see their enemies, it possible they start trouble. That’s why the devotees are appealing that make the alay-lakad solemn and don’t use this for other purposes. 

         After visiting the Church, just sit for while at the park in the front of the church. You will see the statue of the late legendary Senator Juan Sumulong. This park is a former parking lot but it was developed during the term of late Mayor Victor Sumulong. Anyway, Victory Mall is also at the other side front of the church. You may here, drink coffee and do whatever you want. What a good marketing strategy, they know that this place is a crowded area. Maybe this is the reason that’s why they built a mall in front of a famous church. Well, is not new because in the other mall, they also doing mass. And for example, in Mall of Asia, they also built a church in their compound.


.         If you have drop by in Antipolo, don’t forget to visit the Antipolo Church. No matter if you’re a member of another religion. Do this, in the name of tourism and sense of history.