VP Binay Versus Sen. Trillanes on a Debate?

             Binay and Trillanes
              Vice President Jejomar Binay is challenging Sen. Antonio Trillanes IV to have a one-on-one debate with him. He told that the senator  just tell when and where they conduct the debate and he will appear to answer all the allegations that the senator throwing against him. He want to prove that he is not afraid to confront the former Magdalo soldier. He doesn’t want to appear in the Senate because he was already judged by the allied senators of P-Noy.

                Binay firmly believed that all the accusations was appeared because he want to run for presidential election in 2016. According to Binay, all of these are just dirty tactics of his enemies in politics.  His enemies already launched a campaign against him and they called it as Oplan Stop Nognog in 2016. Binay camp pointed out that the DILG Sec. Mar Roxas who is behind to this black propaganda. Mar Roxas is a presidential  bet in 2016. But Sec. Roxas that he don’t know about Oplan Stop Nognog in 2016 and he also denied that he is destroying the credibility of Binay.

                Because of the challenge of VP Binay to Trillanes, the public became excited. They said that it is about time to Binay to answer all the allegations throwing against him. Although Binay was already explained his side, not in the senate but in a private gathering. The good thing is Sen. Trillanes accepted his challenge. He is willing to fight Binay on a debate, but his request is they could conduct the debate in the Hacienda Binay in Batangas. But as of now, Binay don’t have yet answer to the statement of Sen. Trillanes.

                Hope that the debate between VP Binay and Sen. Trillanes would come true. To hear their arguments and explanation about the issue. In the end, it is still up to the public if they will vote Binay in 2016 or not. There is also a rumor that Sen. Trillanes is planning to run for Vice President in 2016, but  as of now the senator is not talking yet about his political career plan.