Things to Consider Before Quitting Your Job

            There are many times that you become boring with your work because it’s already routinary or maybe you get tired with the attitude of your boss and to your co-worker. In short words, you’re not happy anymore with your job. But before you pass your resignation letter; here are the things you should condsider:

            First, ask yourself if you will resign immediately, ‘do I have savings’? How much is it? If you don’t have it, just think twice or thrice. Where you can get budget for your everyday living? For sure, you don’t want to become a burden to your family especially if you’re the bread winner. Experts says that at least you have savings which is an equivalent of your 6 months salary. It is better if you will exceed from that amount. You can use the money to cover up to the salary that you lose from your work.

            Aside from savings, before you quit to your job just consider if you have other option or there is a new job awaits you. You should realize that is hard to find a job nowadays because competition is very tough. We knew that there are many people are seeking for a job. It is not a problem to your boss, even if you will leave your position because they can replace you anytime. Of course, consider also how much money can you make with your new job. If it okay if it is better that your old job. If you’re planning to become a freelancer; make sure that you have already regular clients to give you projects.

            Yes, this tips are very common; but there are some people who forgot to do this. Then, the result of their desicion became terible. All they have to do is they escape from their rountinary life without thinking the future. I’m not saying that you should not resign to your job, if you’re not happy anymore. The only point here is you should be prefared before you make a big decision.