The Reason Behind the Death of Jennifer Laude

              Barbie, the friend of Pinay transgender Jeniffer or Jeffrey Laude said during the case hearing that the American soldiers didn’t knew that they are not true women when they met them. In a short word, they deceived US Marine Pfc. Joseph Scott Pemberton, the suspect behind Laude’s death case and his co-soldiers. At first, the public had already theory; Pemberton killed Laude because of his sexual orientation. But now, the friend of Laude already confirmed it.

                But what ever the reason of Pemberton;  it is not right to kill someone although he got angry because Laude didn’t disclose that she was just a transgender. If he didn’t like Laude; all he could do is to escape from him. But of course, we don’t know what’s going on the mind of Pemberton during that time. All we knew that he was under the influence of alcohol. There was a tendency that it was provoked him to do such a monstrous act. The LGBT community called this as ‘hate crime’ against their rank.

               The German boyfriend of Laude already visited to the funeral of his fiancee. The public admired him because he still love Laude although he came with other guy in the motel. The couple has a plan to get married in Germany soon. But unfortunately, Laude died in the hands of American soldier. The boyfriend is also seeking justice for Laude.

                Now, there is a debate between pro-American and anti-American groups if the Visiting Forces Agreement should be abolished. For anti-American groups; history just repeat itself. It still fresh in our mind what happened to Nicole, he was raped by American soldier Daniel Smith. But in the end Smith was just gained his freedom from that crime. And now, it seems that the justice is vague to attain it. There is an issue about who have the custody for Pemberton. Is it the Philiippine government or the US government? Until now the US military doesn’t want to show off Pemberton. There is also a report that the American soldiers served as witness was already fled in the country.

                Of course, P-Noy and some of his allied don’t want to abolish the VFA. They said that we gain benefits from this agreement. So, why we should abolish it? It is very clear that there was a crime happened which committed by one of their soldiers, so they will investigate it until they get justice for Laude.