The Beauty and Grandeur of Timberland Sports and Nature Club

 Timberland Sports and Nature Club in San Mateo, Rizal is a one of a kind establishment in the Philippines because it is a beautiful place.  You will be guaranteed that you can pamper yourself. You will find their area in a mountain and you will see the view of Metro Manila while you’re there. I was wrong; I assumed that overlooking view is available only in Antipolo. I am surprised that there is also overlooking in San Mateo. It’s good to be here, especially at night because you will see the lights of Metro shining like stars or Christmas trees.

You will find Timberland Sports and Nature Club in Timberland Heights and there are only a few houses built in that subdivision. So, you will find silence because it is not already crowded like in Metro Manila. You can find the true privacy while you’re staying in Timberland. This place is appropriate for those people who want to retreat and nature lovers. According to some people who already go there, Timberland is a paradise for them. Maybe they’re so exaggerated, but these were they felt when they visited the club. Yeah, this is true to be here is another unique experience.

The design of their hotel is very unique. Before you enter to the hotel you will see that the wall was made of adobe. For me, you can compare this place to the other beautiful hotel in the Philippines. Why not? It has a classy look with a different location. This awesome club was built in 3 hectares. It means, you can do all the activities you want. But this is only an exclusive club. You need to be a member before you can stay or have a vacation here. You will pay a membership fee. I don’t know what the exact amount is but for sure it’s too big. Only the riches or elite could afford to do that. And make sure you have your own vehicle when you have a plan to go there because mass transportation is not available. As what I’ve said, it is very a high place and the road is so narrow. So, be careful while driving and don’t forget to bring an extra wheel.

Well, if you ask me; how I get there? Am I a member of their prestigious club? Of course not, our boss is the member of that club and he conducted a party there. The food they served was so delicious and the services of, their staffs were excellent. If there’s only a chance I want to go back there to feel again the beauty of nature through this wonderful place. But if not, I am still lucky because I already visited Timberland.