The Adventure in Dark Tourism

                Are you a traveler or an adventurer? No, this is not about touring to the beautiful destination in the Philippines, but it is all about visiting weird places. I’m not talking about horror ride in the carnival or in the mall, this is about dark tourism. If you believe in super natural and you want to dare yourself, you should try to visit horror places such as haunted house, abandoned church, etc.

                The idea of dark tourism came from western countries. There were some individuals who brought it here in the country. In Marigondon, Cavite, there is a travel agency that offers dark tourism. Their service is just 999 pesos per head and they will tour you to some of their haunted places. The tour guides is not just terrify the visitor, but they just also tell its historical value or what is the importance of that place to our history. According to their story, during Spanish era there was a Spanish priest murdered by Filipino priests because they envied of him. They beheaded the poor priest and they buried him at the front of the church. There are some people who tell that they already seen the ghost of the beheaded priest.

                Aside from Marigondon horror tour, there are also some travel agencies who offer dark tourism. They will also bring you in the haunted house. You will be guided by spirit questors  to assure your safety from evil spirits. By the way, there is already a horror park built in Manila and they called it Scream Park. If you will visit there, you will be chased by zombies. It was opened to the public in 2013. 

                If you want to avail this kind of service, make sure that you don’t have a problem in your heart because it may lead it to heart attack. Make sure also that you’re brave enough to accept this kind of challenge because it will give you nightmare when you sleep. So, are you ready to be a part of dark tourism?