Manny Pacquaio for Vice President in 2016?

Binay-Pacquaio tandem
              The eight-division world champion Manny Pacquaio is a picked of Jejomar Binay to run as his Vice President  in 2016. He announced this after he visited GenSan, the territory of Pacquaio. He is very confident to the ability and morality of Pacquio. For Binay, he likes Pacquio to be his partner in 2016 because he is so generous and very helpful to his countrymen.

                But Pacquaio has no answer to Binay’s offer because it’s too early to decide what’s position he would run in 2014. But he is very sure to run again in politics. In previous months, there was a rumor that he might run in the Senate. There is also a possibility that he will also continue to serve his constituent in Sarangarani as a Congressman. Right now, he wants to focus to his nearly fight against Chris Algieri that will be held in November.

                Binay has three options, who he would be his candidate for VP in 2016. There is a news that he might choose Sen. Jinggoy Estrada who is inside a jail because of his plunder case. Then, he might also choose the business tycoon Manny Pangilinan, but he didn't already accept the idea. For MVP, running a business and running a country has big difference that’s why he don’t want to enter in politics.

                When Binay stayed at Gensan, Pacquiao defended him from the accusation that the current Vice President of our country is a corrupt politician. For him, this is just an accusation and they don’t have a concrete evidence to prove their claims. Pacquaio said that the good politicians doesn’t know to destroy other people referring to the enemies of Binay in politics. Binay confronting controversy due to alleged anomaly during his term as a Mayor of Makati City. Because of this, his rating in the survey dropped dramatically. But he is still the number one favorite of the Filipino voters among the presidential candidates according to the survey.