Kid Pandesal Vendor: Not Just a Victim of Robbery

           There is a report that the pandesal kid vendor was just created a story that he had been robbed by a man in the street. This was according to PNP Caloocan because when they interrogated the kid, he was not consistent with his answer.

                First, he said that the one who robbed him was wearing a sando which was color blue. Then, when they interrogated it again, the kid said that the robber was not wearing sando. Because of this, the PNP Caloocan concluded that the pandesal vendor was just creating story because he was afraid to be beaten by his parents when they found out that he just lose his earnings in selling pandesal.

                Instead to be enlighten, the netizen got irked to the PNP Caloocan. They said, that the police is the one who creating story because they don’t get caught the suspect. For them, it is hard to believe that the pandesal kid vendor is just invented a story because of his body gesture. The kid in the video was extremely shaking. If the conclusion of the police was true, then the kid is a great actor because his acting was very convincing. But both the netizen and the police were both believe to the idea that the parents of the pandesal vendor should not force their child to work at his young age. But the sad thing, although child labor is against our law, it is still rampant in Philippine society because of extreme poverty.

                On the other hand, other Child Psychologists believed that the pandesal kid vendor was just telling the truth. They said that the child was only traumatized from his bad experienced that’s why his statement became inconsistent. They suggested that the child should undergo in a psychiatric treatment to lessen his trauma.

                In the end, it is not important if the child was telling the truth or not. The issue here that he is a victim of poverty that’s why at his young age he is selling pandesal to help his family.