Juan Flavier Passes Away at Age 79

The former Sen. Juan Flavier who became also a head of Department of Health already died at 3:55 pm on Thursday  because of multiple organ failures due to pneumonia. He was confined in the intensive care unit of national Kidney Institue on the second week of September before he succumbed on Thursday. He was 79 years old. He left his wife Susan with their children namely Jondi, Johnet, James and Joy.

            Flavier was born in Tondo, Manila on June 23, 1935, but he grew up in Benguet. He was came from a simple family, but it was not  became a hindrance to succeed in life. He was really a bright person, he graduated valedictorian at Baguio City High School. Then, he obtained his medical degree from UP.
            As a DOH Sec. he became popular because of his stricter anti-tobacco campaign. He was the one who popularized the ‘Yosi-Kadiri’ campaign during 90’s. He became also popular because of his trademark as “Mr. Let’s DOH It.” He was also known of his short height, he was just 4’11, but his name became big in politics.

            He seated in senate for two terms. As a senator, he authored the Anti-Poverty Law which created Anti-Poverty Commission. He also passed laws like E-Commerce Law and the Ingdigenous People’s Rights Act. During his career in politics, he never involved in any corruption unlike other politician who confronted malversation of funds and other evil acts. He served in government office when he joined the Ramos administration in 1992. He retired in public service in 2008.