Iya Villania Returns to GMA Network

            The 28-year-old Filipino-Australian actress Iya Villania-Arellano came back to her former TV network which is GMA 7 after she was signed an exclusive contract to that station on October 29. Before this, it was already reported in a blind item that there was an actress/tv host/dancer from Kapamilya Network that will be scheduled to sign a contract to GMA. The station only revealed who she is in the day of contract signing.

            Iya Villana is not already a new artist of Kapuso Network. She was started as one of the stars in Click, a teenage drama series way back in 2003. She was switched to Channel 2 in 2004. In her Instagram account, Iya posted her picture with a quote that says, “So...It;s official... Hello mga #Kapuso.

            According to Iya, it was her decision to came back in GMA network. Her husband Drew Arellano didn’t influence her to do that thing. But she admitted that Drew were the one who negotiating to the network for her comeback. She is also happy because she and her husband will working together in GMA network.

            Anyway, jumping of artist to another network is not a new issue anymore. We always hear that there are artists who will leave their mother network although they are already worked there for a long period of time. Sometimes the public is asking where is their loyalty? But we should remember that showbiz is also a business and the artist has to right to choose what’s station that would help or boost their career. They should reinvent themselves because the competition in showbiz industry is really tough. There are new many faces entering in showbiz industry in every moment.At least Iya Villana has still a solid fan base because of her talents.