Is Kylie Padilla Ready to Fall in Love Again?

Kylie Padilla and Rayver Cruz
             Eight months ago when Kylie Padilla and Aljur Abrenica had been broke up. But the actress has already moved on. In a recent interview, Kylie said that Aljur asked her to build their relationship, but she doesn’t agree with it. Instead of being a lover again, she offered friendship to Aljur. She clarified that she was the one who approached to actor because it is hard to avoid a person if you always see him in their home network. Aljur is still working in GMA 7, contrary to the previous report that he was already resigned in that TV network.

                During this time, Kylie admitted that she is very happy with her life. The actress admitted that Rayver Cruz is courting her, but she denied that they have a relationship. All she was confirmed was Rayver is a very nice guy and she is enjoying their friendship. In short words, they are in a getting to know each other period. Rayver also gave applause to the actress; he said that she like Kylie because she is very kind and a thoughtful person.

                When Kylie asked what’s the impression of her father to Rayver, she said that his dad Robin Padilla don’t have a negative reaction to the actor. For Robin, Rayver is a good person; he already knew him because they were already met. It means that her father is favor to Rayver if ever Kylie would give her sweet yes. How about Aljur? Well, as what Kylie said they are just friends now. We don’t know if Aljur is regretting because he released Kylie and he can’t get her love back again. Well, both of them are still young; so they could choose who ever people they want to be their partner. But for the mean time, let us see if Kylie would be ready to love again.