Husband Dies After Being Raped by Six Wives

            According to the report of Daily Mail, a man died after being raped by his six wives. This what happened in Ugbugbo, a small town in Nigeria. The victim identified as Uroko Unoja, a businessman by profession.

            Unoha went to his youngest wife to go him on bed. But when he entered in the room, her other wives were also waiting him. They requested to his youngest wife that they like to had a group sex. Unoha agreed to that idea. But all of a sudden, Unoha died while he had sexual intercourse with her fith wife. As of now, the Nigeria police are hunting the six wives of Unoha because they escaped after their husband died.

            In some culture, having multiple wives is legal. But it is not right to making love simultineously with your six wives because it make you drain and exhausted. So, to all men out there who have multiple wives, just focus to one partner. It is better if you have a schedule for them.

Watch the video of Dennis Antenor of DZRH to clarify the story.