Pawn Stars: A Blend of Culture and History

              Pawn Stars is a very informative reality show because you will learn a lot, not only about American history but also to the world history. This TV show airs on Channel 11 every Saturday at 9:15pm. The World Famous Gold & Silver pawnshop is located in Las Vegas, Nevada and it is owned by the Harrison family headed by Old Man, Rick and Big Hoss with the help of the funny guy named Chumlee.

                Many people are going to the pawnshop to sell their antique items such as gun, sword, appliances, clothes, and different memorabilia’s. Every item has an equivalent value of money from hundred up to thousand dollars. But there is also a time that the item has no value because it is just a fake or a reproduction.

                If you’re watching this show, you will admire the trading skills of the stars. You will learn how to deal with people in terms of pricing an antique, according to its historical value or base on the demand of the market. If they are not sure about the details of the item, they will ask the help of the expert. From there, they will know how much they could offer to the customer. Most of their customers are expecting to get a high amount of money after they heard the suggested price of the expert. But of course, it would become lessen when the stars begin to offer their own price. They are explaining that they need to earn from that item. They are not a collector, they emphasize that they are sellers. They could half the price or they will add a small amount of money if they are really interested to get the item.

                The pawnshop has a limitation in setting a price. So, it’s up to the costumer if they will grab or refuse the offer. Some of them would accept the offer because they don’t really need that item anymore or they really need the cash. But you would also laugh because some of them will only use the money to play it in the casino. Maybe this is just a natural because they are in Las Vegas, which known as the gambling capital of America.

                Aside from being an informative show, Pawnstar is also very entertaining. The stars are always teasing each other. You will laugh to Chamley because of being clumsy. In some episodes he broke some antique collections. There was also a time that they got an album of Bob Dylan and Rick ordered to Chamley to sign it up to Bob. Chamley found the singer, but he asked him to sign the album with his name. So, who’s the crazy collector who could buy the album of Bob Dylan with Chumlee’s name?