MRT and Traffic Crisis: A Mismanagement of the Aquino Administration?

            Recently, the commuters have experienced nightmare because of heavy traffic due to truck ban in Manila. This regulation brought a big headache; not only to the commuters, but also to the businessman who had been affected because they can’t deliver their goods to its proper destination. Their products were only stocked  in the port area in Manila. They complained because this has a great impact, not only with their business but also to our economy. Because of this scenario Mayor Joseph Estrada decided to lift the truck ban, but it only cause heavy traffic.

            Mayor Erap only did the right thing, at least, he has a solution for the traffic in Manila, although it caused pain to the business sector. Maybe he also realized that he needs to balance his actions. So, he could get a win-win solution for the problem regarding the traffic in their city. How about the Philippine national government, what are they doing to lessen the traffic? Instead to find a solution to the problem, the Aquino administration accepted that traffic is just a part of our everyday lives. For them, it is a good sign that our economy becomes progressive.

            The problem about our president is he always blaming the past administration to all the mistakes that happening in our country. If not, he will just say that he only inherited the problem. So, we can’t say that is his fault. Let us say that he is correct, but it seems that he don’t have a concrete plan to fix it. He appointed some officials who are not  efficient with their post. All they can do is to ask sorry because of MRT breakdown and to the worst traffic that we encounters in day to day basis. The truth is this is a product of  their mismanagement. The Manila major traffic congestion is a sign of their mismanagement.

            Why does the public need to launch such as the MRT challenge; just to get the attention of the government? For the first place, it is a part of their job to make sure that our train system is safe and comfortable. It seems that they are very relaxed inside of their office. Okay, the government already checked the MRT mechanical problems, but until now they don’t have a holistic plan about it. DOTC Sec. Abaya only said that they are waiting for the arrival of 48 new rail coaches, but aside of it, he can’t elaborate what’s their solution while they are waiting for it. Or are they waiting for another MRT accident before they make an action?