Model Alyzza Agustin Uses PNP Officer's Card to Violate Number Coding

Photo from Facebook
                 FHM model Alyzza Agustin becomes controversial after her post in social media went viral. This is because she is very proud when she violated a traffic violation. In her post, she boasted that there’s no traffic enforcer could get caught her from violating number coding because of the calling card of a police officer named Alex Ignacio. Alyzza also uploaded the card; there is a note in there saying that “Please, assist my EA, Alyzza Agustin”.


                The post of the model made furious to the netizens. They interpret the word EA as’ extrang asawa’ and not executive assistant. They concluded that Alyzza is a mistress of the police officer that’s why he back up her. While there are some individual that the officer is just an admirer of her and they don’t have a relationship. We already knew that many police are womanizer. So, it is not a new if we hear this kind of allegation.

                 The netizens also called Alyzza as stupid, nut heads or brainless because she was not became aware of her post. It seems that she is using her beauty to violate traffic rules while other person doesn’t commit any violation because they respect the rules. But what’s new with this, some individuals are also using calling cards for their protection, not only to escape in traffic but also in other aspects.

                In 24 Oras, the police officer already denied the allegation that he gave a business card to Alyzza. He said that he don’t know her and he don’t remember that he gave a business card to her. The card of the model is not an official business card from PNP. His position is not police director as what shown in the card. He also said that he don’t have an executive assistant. According to him, he will not tolerating anyone to use his name to violate any traffic rules.