Jam of Jamich Reacts to iPhone 6 Issue

Jam and Mich: The  real life partner
                Recently, Jam Sebastian of Jamich, the popular love team on Youtube was criticized because of his post on Facebook about ‘ipon para sa i-phone 6. The netizens bashed him because they were asking their fans to donate money then all of a sudden; he will just save money to buy a luxurious thing.

                 Jam was already broke his silent, in a letter that he sent in Aquino-Abunda show aired on Thursday (Sept. 19), he said that he was only misinterpreted by the netizen. He said that he never asked any donation to their fans. He doesn’t need to ask donation because he has money to buy valuable things that he wants. But he admitted that their celebrity fans organized a benefits concert for him. He assured that all the donations that came from that concert used for his medical treatment. March of this year; Jam first announced via social media that he has a lung cancer. Aquino and Abunda advised Jam that he should also be sensitive to his post online so he should not misinterpreted by other people. The host partners were right with their statement. As we already knew, people nowadays can express their feelings or opinions in any issues via internet without any censorship.

                Jam is also appealing to the netizens that please don’t bash Mich. It is okay for him, if other people are bashing him, but don’t hurt the feelings of his girlfriend because they are also intruding even the sponsorship online and the outfit of the day of Mich. They don’t know that Mich is helping for the studies of her siblings.

                On the other hand, the netizens should also be sensitive with their reactions. Know first the story behind of it before they could make any conclusion. They should also consider that Jam has a cancer; bashing could not help him recover immediately.

Twitter post of Jam