It's Showtime With Cedric Lee and Vhong Navarro!

               Cedric Lee and Zimmner Raz alredy got their temporary freedom after they bailed 500,000 thousand pesos for their illegal detention case filed by Vhong Navarro. When the media interviewed Zedric what his message to Vhong Navarro, he just said, “It’s Showtime” referring to Vhong who acting as a host in that noontime show. Because of the statement of Cedric, the camp of the actor getting iratated because they felt that Cedric was ridiculing Vhong.

                The Vhong Navarro’s camp is also really disappointed with the decision of the judge Paz Esperanza-Cortes of the Regional Trial Court Branch 271 who are handling their case because she approved Cedric and others to bail. The judge said that their camp was lack of evedince although it was very clear to the CTTV that Vhong Navarro became a victim of mauling and illegal detention. They are pappealing to the judge that she would inhibit to the continuity of hearing of their case.

                On the other hand, Atty. Howard Aleja, lawyer of Cedric Lee said that his client don’t have an intention to ridicule Vhong Navarro by saying ‘It’s Showtime. So, they should not give a bad meaning to that statement. He emphasized that Cedric was only happy because at last they gain freedom although it is just temporary. They have not also bothered even the Vhong Navarro’s camp released a new CTTV footage of the meeting of Cedric Lee’s group before the incident happened. Atty. Aleja said that his client was always there in that place; so there’s nothing unusual with that.

                Most of the netizens have violent reactions of what happened to the development of Vhong Navarro’s case. They concluded that the justice system in the Philippines is really bad. They are wondering because the judge allowed Cedric Lee, Zimmer Raz and Deniece Cornejo to bail although the CTTV camera speaks for itself. So, what kind of evidence they need before they believe that Vhong Navarro was really detained by the group of Cedric Lee?  They also gave unsolicited advice to Vhong that he should take care of herself because they believed that Cedric is very an influential person; so he may harm again.