Facebook Users Will be Charge $2.99 Starting Nov. 1

Photo from dailytech.com
              There is nothing free in this world except dreaming. Maybe this adage is really true. This time the Facebook management has a plan to put a fee for their service. According to nationalreport.net Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg organized a press conference held in California on Sept. 21. He announced that beginning  on Nov. 1 of this year FB users will be charged $2.99 monthly.  

                In the press conference, Mark said that his team really pondered about this hard decision. They were forced to do this because their maintenance cost has been increased. In August, Facebook had a total of 1.317 billion users.  If they will not charge FB users, there is a possibility that Facebook could be gone in the near future.  
                The Facebook management explained that the economic nowadays is really tough. The ads on Facebook are not profitable as what they had thought before. So, to survive our favorite social media site they will charge although they know that users may leave their service. They explained that it doesn’t mean that they will gain a lot of profit from that fee. They will only use it for maintenance cost.

                If we could remember, this news was already made a buzz on the internet, but Facebook stays for free. Now, it seems the charging fee will turn into reality. Now, it is up to the FB users if they will continue to use their service or not. For sure, the users are not happy with this news although 3 dollars have been just a small amount. Let us accept that Facebook is already a part of our daily lives. It really helps us to connect with our friends and to promote our talent or business as well.