Buko Vendor Versus Car Owner Video: When Wish Ko Lang Turns into Wow, Mali!

Photo from Wish Ko Lang FB page

                 Recently, the video of Jackie Rice went viral after she rebuked an old woman. Because of this, Jackie gained a lot of negative feed backs. They said that the actress was very boastful; they even dug her personal life and calling her many ugly names. But in the end, the video was only a part of Wish Ko Lang under the segment of Good Samaritan. In this segment, the show is looking for good individuals who are willing to help a needy people who are in a emergency situation.

                Now, there is also a video spreading via social media; this time the confrontation is between a buko juice vendor and a car owner. In the video, the rich man is very angry to the vendor without any explanation. Then, all of a sudden he pushed the buko juice of the poor guy while shouting. Again, netizens gives violent reactions to that incident. It seems that they want to hunt the boastful man to give justice to the poor guy. But in the end, they found out that this is another part of the segment of Wish Ko Lang.

                Hmm, who are the spreading this kind of videos? Is it the citizen who witnessed about the scene or is it the staff of the show? They just want to make only a buzz or to make a noise about their program. Well, we don’t really know. I’m also a fan of this show because since it was launced, they already helped many people. And their Good Samaritan section is really superb because the acting of their stars are realible. So, I’m not wondering if many people make-believed to the video of Jackie Rice and the boastful man with a car. But next time, don’t believe first to the video that you are watching in the internet. You don’t know, it is not true. So, it is better to scrunitize first before you make any judgement.