Who Should be Blamed in MRT Mishap?

Credited to gmanetwork.com
Metro Manila Transit is in the center of criticism nowadays because of the mishap that happened last week. The train crashed in Taft station and 38 people has injured because of the incident. It seems that riding in EDSA-MRT 3 becomes worst and worst as time goes by. This is not the first accident that MRT has been involved. If not, they confronted in an accident, they stopped at the middle of their travel. Plus we can’t let aside that MRT is overcrowded. So, it is not convenient to ride in our train vehicle.

Instead to make an apology, DOTC Sec. Jun Abaya acted that that it seems that his agency is not responsible towards the accidents. He just blamed the drivers of the MRT because they never controlled the train. He also said that it is our choice if we want or not to ride in MRT. He means that take at your own risk. Aside from blaming other people, he said that he just inherited the problems of MRT. In my opinion, as a head of an agency of Philippine government; it is his responsibility to solve the problem and he should not blame easily to his subordinate. Be a man of action and he should offer a better option. In his tone, it seems that he became sarcastic. Is he already helped the victims of MRT mishap?

In TV interview, Atty. Hernando Cabrera of MRT said that the train needs rehabilitation and it also needs maintenance. These two factors are really important to improve their train system. He explained that every 8 years, it should undergo in rehabilitation. He admitted that it is not really comfortable to ride in MRT. Atty. Cabrera really knows what to do the problem with their sub-standard train system. But what happened, there’s a company maintaining the MRT, but they practiced poor maintenance. There’s a rumor that Sec. Abaya took effect ‘compadre system’ in choosing a company that will maintain the MRT which is the PHTrams-Vitangcol maintenance group. Based on the report, their total capitalization had been just 5,000 pesos, but they received a contract worth about 45 million pesos per month. Hmm, very expensive contract, but the result of their work is not impressive.

According to David Narvasa of Metro Rail Transit Corporation (MRTC), a company under Metro Rail Transit Holdings (MRTH), they had no problem with their maintenance company during last two years. In 2013, they requested to DOTC that they like to conduct a technical inspection to know that true condition of MRT, but they didn’t allow them to inspect. So, what we could expect to the MRT?