What? Hello Kitty is Not a Cat!

                There’s a rumor spreading over the internet saying that Hello Kitty is not a cat. This is according to the University of Hawaii anthropologist Christine Yano. She discovered this when she was made a research during an upcoming display of Hello Kitty memorabilias at the Japanese American National Museum. A representative of Sansio, the company that created Hello Kitty said to her that this is not a cat, contrary to the belief of many people all over the globe. Hello Kitty is just a cartoon character. She is a human, a little girl and she has her own cat which she called Charmy Kitty.

                This news is very mind-blowing because for many decades, most of us believe that Hello Kitty is a cat. We don’t know that she was only a human in a cartoon character. But instead to accept the truth, we don’t still like to believe that Hello Kitty is a cat. Why they named it as Kitty, a word derived from the kitten. There’s no hint that she is a little girl because her physical appearance is look like a cat. Is there a human image like that? Nothing! The netizens felt they have been fooled by this kind of news. According to them, we can also claim that Donald Duck is not a real duck or Kerokeropi is not a frog. Mickey Mouse is not a mouse and Twitty Bird is not a bird although it is very obvious with their physical appearance what kind of characters who they are. Well, maybe there are some people would also claim that Doraemon is not also a cat, but just an amazing robot! 

                Well, for the fans of Hello Kitty especially the girl; it is not important anymore if Hello Kitty is a cat or not. The most important is they really love this character. We are considering that her character is already a classic because until today her charm is still alive. Many individuals are collecting Hello Kitty items from key chain, mug, t-shirt, cup. Like DJ Nicole Hyala of Love radio, her house is full of Hello Kitty stuffs and for sure many people around the world like her who became a Hello Kitty fanatic.