The Term Extension of P-Noy?

                       Some of the allies of President Benigno Aquino III are pushing him to extend his term. Because they believed that P-Noy should stay in power to continue his good governance under Matuwid na Daan. The president already said that he is willing to follow if this is the will of majority people. He is very sensitive to the sentiments of his boss. So, there is a possibility that the Philippine Presidential Election 2016 would be cancelled.

             But the members of the Liberal Party, which is the political party of P-Noy has different views regarding this issue. If some of them believed that he could stay in Malacanang. There are also saying that he should give a chance to other presidential candidates. He is not the only one who has an ability to lead our country. They don’t believe that they should amend the constitution just to give a favor to the president.

            P-Noy should not extend his term. The first reason is, he should give a change to other politicians who also wants to be a leader of our country. For sure, he is not the only who want to serve the Filipino people. As what Sen. Chiz Escudero said, no one in this world has a monopoly of expertise. Second, they should not amend the constitution just to stay in power. P-Noy should remember that this is the legacy of his mother. They made the constitution to avoid dictatorship like what happened in the Martial Law era. So, no to Cha-Cha! Six years in the position is already enough for P-Noy. If he is really considering the voices of his boss, then, he should not stay in Malacanang in 2016.

            The third reason is the majority of the Filipino people are not already satisfied with his governance. As a matter of fact, his satisfaction rate in the surveys declined for so many percents. So, where he did get the idea that the majority of the Filipino people still like him to be a leader of this country? Fourth, they are boasting that the economic growth during P-Noy administration has inncreased but the ordinary people doesn’t feel it. There are still many people  who are hungry and living in a poverty condition. The last reason is, we can assume that the second term extension they are asking is just for their personal interest. They don’t want to lose all of their benefits that they got from the president.