SONA 2014: Approve or Disapprove?

President Benigno S. Aquino made his 5th SONA on July 28, 2014. He reported some of the achievements to his boss. As what the people expected, he praised his cabinet members for the excellent jobs that they are doing for the country. P-Noy was very proud because under his administration, he lessens the corruption in the government. For him, his ‘Daang Matuwid’ campaign was very successful. They fought against many corrupt government officials.

                But for his critics to fight against corruption is not enough because the truth is corruption is still rampant in our society. P-Noy supported the abolition of the pork barrel of Congressmen. But they made the Disbursement Acceleration Program or DAP which is illegal according to our constitution based on the decision of the Supreme Court. But instead to accept the decision, the President defended it. He said that because of the fund from DAP; his administration implemented a lot of projects that the people could benefit from it like the police modernization program of DILG, student scholarships of TESDA, house resettlement and many more. So, for him, it is very clear that DAP is for the common good of the people. He doesn’t agree that all of this will put in vain. That’s why he already asked to the Congress that they should bestow him a supplemental budget.

The president didn’t said directly, but it seems that he hit again the high court in his SONA when he said that there are groups against from his good intentions. He told that they are not only against him, but also to his boss because they are the beneficiaries in his projects. Maybe his intention is good, but he didn’t undergo to the right process. His critics said that if Sen. Jinggoy Estrada didn’t mention about the DAP, maybe the public would not know it.

The President was also very proud when he said that our economy is growing because we gain a high rating trust of approval from world credit institutions. For him, this is a good news because many foreign investors would be interested to build their business in our country. So, it could give job opportunities to the Filipino people. Maybe this is good for the business sector, but how about the ordinary citizens of our country? For sure, they didn’t feel any progression with their lives. Instead they became poorer and poorer compared to the previous year. They only accepted this as a part of Philippine culture.
 The critics of P-Noy don’t say that he is good for nothing. Of course, he has also contribution to this country. And one of it is his advocacy to fight the bureaucracy and corruption in the government. He also revolutionized the BIR; as what he said they increased their tax collections. This is very good, but provided they should use the money of the people in a right way. The only problem with the BIR is they are very aggressive with their actions; they also want to collect tax from ordinary people like sari-sari store, tricycle drivers, etc. Why they don’t catch up the big time tax evaders? But thanks to the government they didn’t increased the tax except Sin Tax. But why they should do that, 12% tax that we have right now is already high!

The President has remaining two years from his position. The public are expecting him to do his job very well. If we are his boss, he should always do the right thing because we are always watching him.