Ramon Bautista Insulted the Women in Davao by Calling Them Hipon

The internet action star and comedian Ramon Bautista made a joke about the women in Davao during the Kadayawan festival held on August 16. Sarah Duterte posted on her FB account that the comedian called the women in Davao as a shrimp, “hipon ang mga babae sa Davao”. In tagalong terms, it means, ‘maganda katawan, tapon ulo’ or their bodies are beautiful but they have an ugly face.  

Mrs. Duterte didn’t like the statement of Bautista regarding to the women in Davao. She convinced their councilors that they should declare him as persona non grata, if not they would also disservice all the women in their province. To outburst of emotion, she even cursed Bautista by saying “P at F to you Ramon Bautista!” He was only a visitor, so the comedian should respect the women in Davao.

The netizens also got the sympathy of Mrs. Duterte. Others said that Bautista has no right to diss the physical appearance of the women in Davao. It is not true that all women there is looks like a shrimp because there are some many beautiful women there. According to them, Bautista is just feeling. Yes, he is a popular celebrity, not by his looks, but because of his humor. But this time his joke is not funny anymore.

We knew that this was only a joke, but sometimes comedian don’t know how to put a punch line in a right way. This time, it seems that Bautista is imitating the style of comedian in the comedy bars who are always dissing the physical appearance of their guest. This is not also a rap battle that you have a right to diss your opponents. Maybe Bautista didn’t intend to hurt the feelings of the women of Davao but the damage had already done. All he have to do is to make an apology and next time don’t make a shrimp jokes. 
Reaction of Sarah Duterte to Bautista's statement