Michael Yamson Really Loves Aling Dionisia

In a TV interview, Michael Yamson requested to Manny Pacquio and to all the people who has a doubt about his love for Aling Dionisia. He said that Manny should give him a chance to prove that he could really give his intimate care to the mother of Manny. So, he asked the public that please don’t judge him because his intention is pure, contrary to the belief of other people. They are telling that Michael would only treat Aling Dionisia as a sugar mommy or a milking cow. They have already judged him; money is his only motivation why she courted Aling Dionisia. Not because he fell in love with her. We knew that she has a plenty of money today.

Aling Diosinia is very thankful because Michael is very true with her. She doesn’t see any pretension to him, a proof that his boyfriend really loves her. The couple is also appealing to the public that let them to be happy. We already knew that Manny is against to their relationship although he wants her mother be happy. Aling Dionisia also was ridiculed by others because she is already a senior citizen. So, it is not appropriate for her to have a love life because she is already dry. But Aling Dionisia said, it doesn’t mean that when you’re already, you will not be in love again.

Anyway that’s their decision, so give to the couple what are they are asking for. Beside that they knew what they are doing and they are too old to dictate what they should do with their lives. For sure Aling Dionisia is not the only one in this world who has a boyfriend despite the fact that she is already 63 years old. If there’s money involved in this kind of relationship, well it still up to them to accept it. But according to Michael, his love for Aling Dionisia is really true. Hmm, is this what we called ‘You and I against all the odds’?