Makeup Transformation: A New Trending in Social Media

Makeup transformation inspired by Paolo Bediones
                        Netizens never stops from experimenting new things from photo meme and different angles of their selfie pictures. Now, make up transformation becomes a trend because of the creativity of the people who are doing this. Not because they want to looks beautiful, but to bring entertainment to other people. Even celebrities love the makeup transformation. Some of them rides on to this new craze in the internet. Who says that make up is applicable only for girls, gays and to the metrosexuals? Even straight guys love to picture themselves while holding a make up kit.
                The make up transformation has four frames. At first they are putting makeup to their face until the last part they will become a popular actor like the You Tube sensation Bogart the Explorer. In his makeup transformation photo, he transformed as Tom Cruise. He copied the attire of the Hollywood actor wearing white hat and short sleeve. It only means that in makeup transformation you can be what you want. This is the time that you could be a celebrity look alike. Some girls are dreaming to become Marian Rivera, Angel Locsin, etc. While some boys want to become John Lloyd Cruz, Sam Milby, Piolo Pascual, etc. But before you do make up transformation, be ready to the reactions of the people. They may be happy or they would call you as trying hard or any other bad words. Because you’re just pretending to become handsome or beautiful. But who cares? In tagalog term, “walang basagan ng trip.”  
                But make up transformation is not only limited to human, they are also doing this to their pets like dogs, cats, etc. They are really cute and funny as well. Other people also used makeup transformation as a tool to criticize someone like the picture that I saw on the internet. The crocodiles transformed as senators. Mikey Bustos, another YouTube sensation played himself as Janet Napoles. WTF! Aling Dionisia also have a makeup transformation, she became looks like a Chucky doll. Hmm, the one who created this is really naughty. It seems that she is a favorite subject of some graphic artists on the internet.
                How about you, do you have already a makeup transformation photo?