House Bill 4807, Not Totally an Anti-Selfie Bill

            There’s a proposed bill in the Congress known as House Bill 4807 or the Protection Against Personal Intrusion Act and now it is on third reading. According to Bayan Muna Representative Carlos Zarate, this bill aims to avoid someone taking photos of people or places without any consent from the person or from the owner.

            But it seems that this bill made a maze to the perception of the public because other news entities called it as Anti-Selfie Bill although if we based on it’s title, this is all about protecting the privacy of a person or a place. The meaning of the word ‘selfie’ means a person who loves to take a picture of himself/herself. Anyway, where could we connect the world selfie with this bill? Maybe if you take a picture of yourself using the background of other people without asking their permission. You could not just take a photo of an establishment or a place without asking the permission of the owner. But you don’t have a problem if you take a selfie picture inside your house or to the public places.

            This bill extends not only taking photos but also taking videos and audio recording of other individuals. Even public officials and celebrities are included in this bill. You need to ask first their permission before you can take a picture with them. So, the happy days of the paparazzi would be ending soon.
            It seems that this bill is overkill that’s why many of our countrymen are opposing this bill especially the netizens and the media because it could may affect the freedom of the press. Protecting the privacy of an individual is very good, but don’t apply it to popular personalities because they already became a public property unless there is someone who are already intruding with their personal lives or they want to monetize their picture without their knowledge. How about the places? Of course, if it is a private property you need to ask first the consent of the owner or caretaker before you do a photo shoot. But it is hard to think, that you could be sued because you just take a picture of an establishment. So, the lawmakers should review carefully about the details of this bill before they pass it as a law.