Francine Prieto Versus Mike Enriquez: An Ugly Issue

            In her tweet, the former sexy star Francine Prieto called Mike Enriquez 'ugly'. Because of this, many of Twitter users became angry with her. First, she just answered to the question of others; why until now she still single? Shee said that as of now she has no boyfriend whom to be married. She is very choosy because she don’t want to marry with the wrong person. She don’t want her child to be a look-a-like of Mike Enriquez who called by her as an ugly person.  

            Instead to make an apology, Francine defended herself to the basher by saying that if we know what’s she had experience with Mike, the public would understand him. She added that not all of the people in television are respectable. It doesn’t mean that you’re wearing a formal dress they are also good people. Some of them are also evil.

            Well, it seems that Francine is really mad to Mr. Imberstigador. But she doesn’t elaborate what she had experience with Mike. Does the broadcaster harass her or it offered an indecent proposal to her? Once, Mike Enriquez was also allegedly involved in a pork barrel scam. He was reported that he accepted bribes from the congressman. But it doesn’t proved already, so it is hard to judge him. And to the issue with him and Francine, we don’t know also what’s happened between them. As we know, what’s Francine statement was not a simple kind of bullying. It’s up to her if she has any revelation about the popular broadcaster. But just make sure that she will fight for it. She can approach to Gabriela or other women rights activists out there.

           Let us back to the statement of Frnacine, is Mike Enriquez really ugly? Maybe Mike Enriquez is not handsome like Piolo Pascual. But for sure, he has a great impact to the public. Mike has a wife that treating him as beautiful person in the world. Sometimes, in television physical appearance is not important as long as he or she has a genuine talent. Beside that Mike Enriquez is not portrayed as a gigolo or a hunk, he is a media man and a public servant. But now Francine is making noise against him, does his trademark which is ‘di namin kayo tatantanan’ could be applied to her? Let us see if Mike will answer regarding this issue.