Fifty Shades of Grey Movie Should be Banned in the Philippines?

             The Fifty Shades of Grey movie will be banned in the Philippines according to the MRTCB due to its explicit content. But if ever, they just censor some of its parts. This movie was directed by Sam Taylor-Johnson and produced under Michael De Loca Productions. This was based on the best selling book written by E. L. James. It will be released next year. The book has a big following all over the world and it was already translated in Filipino language. According to the news, the agency said that this movie is against to the dogmas of the Church because it teaches immorality and it is not appropriate to the Filipino culture. For we are known for being conservative.

                But the Pinoy fans of Shades of Grey are angry with this plan of the MTRCB. It became a talk of the town over the internet. They believed that the movie should not be banned. It is only natural that it has many sex scenes because this is an erotic film. You can’t compare it to a porno film; it has a big difference. Plus, it is not intended for the people who are narrow-minded but it was made for matured people. So, they don’t see any problem if the movie has full of erotic scene. They knew what’s the wrong and what’s right. Beside that it doesn’t teach immorality because it has also a lesson if you only scrutinize it.  If they are allowing teleserye tackling about the mistress stories and gay relationship, why they don’t allow Fifty Shade of Gray to be watched here in our country?

                But it seems that the MTRCB is promoting the movie to the public. Of course, it could arouse their curiosity. For sure, they would like to know what’s the movie all about. It means that it will be a block-buster in our cinemas. But we can’t also blame the MTRCB if this is their initial reaction about the movie. They can censor some parts of the movie, if there is a frontal nudity. But please, don’t ban the film. The fans has a right to watch it on a big screen.