Father Versus Daughters: The Napoleon Timonera Story

Photo from Facebook

A picture of a senior citizen named Napoleon Timonera of Las Pinas becomes a viral on the internet after a Facebook user named Maverick Victor Vallos, an MMDA traffic enforcer  posted a picture of him while he was holding a placard that having a picture of his daughters who are living in America working as doctors and nurses. According to their claim, the old man was already abandoned by his daughters although they have a good job in abroad. Because of this, he got the sympathy of the netizens. They became furious and made a judgment the daughters by saying that after their father sent them in school, this is what he got from them.

But on the other side, one of the daughters already answered about the issue. She released a letter on her Facebook account. In her letter, she said that it is not true that they abandoned their father. It is also not true that he sent their father in school. They helped their father although it has a new family. Beside this, their father is a womanizer. This was the reason that’s why they their family had been broken. Their father was always asking them to send money for him. Once, they became a victim of his lies. He said that he will use the money to funding the business plan. But they discovered that was just a part of his dirty tricks. Despite of those things they still supported their father until it became worst and worst. Their father also blackmailed them that if they will not give him money, he will destroy their reputation. Then, all of a sudden they become a center of controversy.

We knew that the Filipino people are family oriented that’s why the pictures of the old man made them furious. Because they thought that the daughters really abandoned their father. After one of his daughter explained, it up to us to analyze who is telling the truth, the father or his daughters. If the explanation of his daughter is true, it means that he is an abusive father. We should always remember that not all issues on that internet that we read are true. There are also many false stories that spread online. It is easy to give our sympathy to someone that we think that became a victim of some circumstances. In this case, it is sad to think that they need to release their family problem to the public instead to talk it privately. Is this just a counterpart of Barretto sisters who attacks each other on television? Maybe the Victor Vallo only wants to help the father because he believed that he is a true victim. But what if, his daughters are the real victims?