Does President Aquino Have a Serious Disease?

Kris Aquino denied that his brother P-Noy has acute disease. According to her,this is only an invented story by the enemies of the President saying that it has a disease like Dolphy who had a vital organ problem. The truth is, his brother is in a very good health condition.

In the State of the Nation Address of the President it seems that he was already saying goodbye to the Filipino people. And also talked about death; he said that he is so ready if God would take her life. He compared life on earth to the life of a student that you pass your paper, finish or not finish. As what the President knew, he has already done his part as a president of the country. The public surprised by the statement of the President because he has two terms to run the country. He has many things to do, it’s too early for him to say goodbye unless the impeachment against him would prosper.

Maybe the enemies of P-Noy   got the idea that he has acute sickness from his own statement. Besides that, he became only emotional because this season is the death anniversary of their parents. During the commemoration of the death anniversary of their parents, Kris Aquino defended his brother. She much felt sorry for his brother because his supporters didn’t show their support during the SONA compared to the opponents of the administration who were very expressive with their sentiments.  She was also disappointed because even the reporters wore color pitch wrist band, the color of the enemies of the President. But Kris said that was okay because she has more air time than them. She asks the Aquino followers that show their support to the President and don’t just be quite. They have to be with him until his last minute in the Malacanang.

On the other hand, the critics of P-Noy are also asking the Aquino families that don’t use their deceased parents to get the sympathy of the public.Regarding to the issue that he has a sick, it was possible that he got it form cigarette smoking. But hope that this is just a mild disease and not a serious one.