Death Penalty: Should it be Backed in the Philippines?

Lethal Injection

                It seems that the criminals in the Philippines become bolder because they even attacks at day light. Remember Martilyo Gang who operated many times in the mall? The bank robbers are also very daring, they don’t have a fear anymore. What they do is they just shot the costumers first before they rob the bank. Drug trafficking is also a major problem in our country. Because of drugs the future of our youth has been destroyed. It seems they drug dealers has no fear to operate in the Philippines because they knew that the law here is not strict compared to other countries.

                The rapists are also roaming anywhere; they are just looking for a timing to do their evil plan. Recently, a 1-year old daughter of street dwellers was kidnapped in San Juan and it was allegedly raped and killed by a drug addict. The authorities already had pushed a man-hunt operation against the perpetrator; but they don’t already get him. Then, a 26 years old woman named Anrea Galang Espiritu was also raped and his cadaver was thrown in the river somewhere in Bulacan. The authority has already suspects who did that crime, including the jeepney driver that Andrea rode when she went in Bulacan. Her family, relatives, friends and the Filipino people are asking for justice in what he got into the hands of the criminals.

                Because of these kinds of crimes that happening in our country, some individuals are requesting to the government that they should bring back the death penalty in the Philippines. But we knew that it is not easy to do because the Catholic Church is against to the death penalty. They are the one who lobbied from the government to stop the death penalty in our country. In their belief, death penalty is not the solution to lessen the crimes in our country. Beside that this is also inhumane; for we don’t have a right to take someone’s life, even the one who committed a heinous crime. Life sentence is an enough punishment for them.

                But for the some Filipino people, it’s about time to bring back the death penalty in the Philippines.  They believed that if the government would not listen to their sentiment; heinous crimes would still prevail in our society. The death penalty is a strong way to put a fear in the mind of the criminals. Maybe they would think thrice before the conduct their activities.

                In the end, it is still up to the government if they like to bring back the death penalty in our country. But before they do this, they should fix our justice system. We already knew that there’s no equality between the poor and the rich ones. It’s easy for them to convict the poor; but it’s hard for them to convict an influential person. They have a power to delay justice or to revoke their case. If this is still the system, only poor criminals would undergo in lethal injection.