Chiz Escudero Proposed to Heart Evangelista

                 If Dingdong Dantes proposed to Marian Rivera in second time around; Chiz Escudero doesn’t want to be left behind because he also proposed to her actress girlfriend Heart Evangelista on August 22. Many celebrity friends of them greeted them including Lovi Poe, they said that they are happy for them; at last they will settle down.

                 As we already knew there are many against with their relationship because Chiz is too old for Heart and he have already children. The parents of Heart didn’t like the politician for their daughter because Chiz became rude with them. They claimed also that Heart changed their relationship with them because of the politician. For Heart, it doesn’t mean that she disrespect her parents because of Chiz. She only wants to prove that she is too old enough and she has her own decision to choose her partner in life. The couple proved that they love each other despite of the odds they had encountered and now they are planning to be married.

                But of course, they are some individuals intriguing Heart; they are saying that she has an ambition to become a first lady that’s why she made a relationship with Chiz. Then, Chiz is using only the popularity of Heart to have ‘pogi points’ in the eyes of the public. We knew that Chiz has an ambition to become a president of the Philippines. They don’t believed at all what they feel with each other is a true love. But who they are to judge the couple; let them to be married and wish for their happiness. So, sorry for those guys who are still dreaming of Heart Evanglista!