#BoyPakyu: A Middle Finger Salute on Pinoy Big Brother

              It seems that the pointing a dirty finger becomes a trending in social media. Recently, a girl student named Kyla Leviste pointed her middle finger to a UAAP player when she took a picture with him. And now, another person pointed his middle finger in Pinoy Big Brother after Daniel Matsunaga won in this contest against his three contenders- Maris Racal, Jane Oineza and Vickie Rushton.

                Netizens posted their reactions after they saw the dirty finger incident on national television. They became angry with this attitude of this man. They posted their reaction on Twitter and Facebook and they hashtag it as #BoyPakyu. Others said, it is not right for him to do that in front of the camera because many children were also watching PBB. He is not a good example among youth.  Whoever he is, it seems that his parents didn’t teach him a right manner and right conduct. It was okay if he did it in Flip Top Battle where the contenders really love bad words, but in a front of national television it is a big NO, NO!

                But others said that, maybe that was only an outburst of emotion because of his happiness. Sometimes when we are happy, we are not aware with our actions. They are not saying that his action is right. All they want to point out is, don’t judge ‘Boy Pakyu’ with his action. Maybe he only want  to get the attention of the new PBB winner. Don’t even blame also the TV network because they can’t control the reactions of their live audience. Instead to get angry to Boy Pakyu, some netizens dedicated fan pages on Facebook as a tribute for him.