BCDA Versus Mayor Domogan: A Letter Conversation

                Trial by publicity is a favorite tool of many people nowadays. They want it tell to the public, instead to talk directly to the person that they are preferring. Maybe their motive is to be impressive in the eyes of others or they want to they just want to dismantle the reputation of the other camp. This was happened to Bases Conservation Development Authority (BCDA) President Arnel Casanova. Instead to talk to the other party he wrote an open letter to Mayor Mauricio Domogan of Baguio City.

                In his letter, President Casanova said that BCDA was an ally of the local government.  He was reminding them the importance of their agency to the Baguio City. First, they contributed a revenue to the local government through their projects. They had strengthened the tourist arrival in Baguio and they generated a lot of job opportunities to the residence there. There’s nothing wrong to give a reminder to the people, but this is only for the people who already forgotten what you did for them. But it is not necessary to do that. If the people has really felt your concern, they will always be thankful to you even if you’re not asking for it.

                Mayor Domogan answered the letter of President Casanova, he said that he believed that BCDA is an ally and not an enemy. But the problem is they had a problem with BCDA under the administration of Casanova because he is not doing his obligation as a partner. Maybe they have contribions to the development of Baguio but this is not enough. The Mayor asked Casanova, why they are doesn’t paying right to the local government with their earnings in facilities rental?Why they did not give them any single cents from their earnings through Ayala Techno Hub. Besides that, they have many projects that they doesn’t still develop. On the other hand, the observers of this issue said that it seems that BCDA now became a hindrance to the development of Baguio. Instead to cooperate with the investors like Camp John Hay Development Corporation (CJHDevCo), they made their lives very hard. So, if this is the situation, what would happen with their partnership?

                Hope that this mess will soon end, not only for the benefits of the parties involved here, but to the people of Baguio as well.  Next time, Casanova talk directly to the Mayor and don’t just write an open letter. Maybe all they need is to face in a negotiating table to discuss all of their concerns with each other.